Sai Symphony

Mike Herting's Sai Symphony

Samstag, 21 Mai 2016 17:54

Sai Symphony is a composition by German composer Mike Herting for classical orchestra, choir and soloists from India, Africa and Europe. It is a piece commissioned by Sathya Sai Baba Trust in order to celebrate Swamis 90th birthday. In five movements, Sai Babas life, his teachings and doings are reflected.

Sai Symphony has been played for the first time on November 23, 2015 in Puttaparthi and subsequently a week later in Delhi. Some of the most renown musicians from India took part in these concerts, namely Guru Karaikuddi Mani on Mridangam, Shashank on Flute,Debarshish Battajarjee on Indian Slide Guitar, Suda Ragunatham as a singer, Ganesh and Kumaresh on violin plus many others. Famous Mauritanian singer Cheickh Lehbiadh and the renowned percussionist from Senegal, Pape Samory Seck also took part as well as German altosaxophonist Heiner Wiberny.